Frequently Asked Questionsabout Phu Quoc Dog Wallet

How to install PQD Wallet on mobile?
How to add wallet in PQD wallet?

On PQD Wallet, you choose: Add Now.

  • Then, creating Name, choose Type (Phu Quoc Dog or Bitcoin) -> Create (If you need create a new wallet) or Import Wallet.
How to Import wallet on PQD Wallet app?

On PQD Wallet, you should to do:

Add Wallet ->  Import Wallet -> Please enter your seed words/ Pulic key/ WIF or any thing you have got. Then waiting about 5 minutes for system update.

I added the wallet's account, but i don't see PQD Coin on PQD wallet. Why?

Don’t worry. When you import wallet, you should wait about 5 min for Phu Quoc Dog’s system run. If you still don’t see PQD Coin in your wallet; please check your wallet and make sure that: it has PQD Coin.

How to send PQDCoin from PQD Wallet?

On PQD Wallet, choosing your wallet, then press a Send button. Fill in SendDetails form:

  • How much PQD Coin?
  • Receiver’s address
  • Note to self
  • Fee: Fast: 0.02 PQD (default). If you want to choose Medium (~3h, 2sat/byte) or Slow (~1day, 1sat/byte), plesae press a “0.02 PQD” button.

Then press Next button. To complete, you need to press the send now button.

How to receive PQD Coin?

On PQD Wallet, you should press Your wallet.

Then press Receive button and copy address or use QR code or Share button

How can i use Polkadot Wallet to store PQD Coin?
How to import account on PhuQuocDog Main Network?

On your account (PQD Main Chain), you’ll do it step by step:

  • Click ┇

  • Choose Create a backup file
  • Fill your wallet’s password
  • Store backup’s file carefully
How to export account on PhuQuocDog Main Network?

On your account (PQD Main Chain), you’ll do it step by step:

  • Click Restore JSON 
  • Choose your JSON file what you want to export and fill your password.
How to withdraw PQD Coin from XT exchange to Phu Quoc Dog wallet?

– On Homepage of XT Exchange app, you should choose Fiance -> Withdraw:

– Searching PQD and choose it.
– Select the chain name PQD
– And you’ll see withdrawal interface on XT
– Fill a form:
  • Withdraw address: your PQD wallet’s address
  • Amount: minimum is 17.000 PQD
  • Security password: XT account’s password
  • Check: I gree to use internal tranfers and enjoy the fast arrival without fee

– Press a button Withdraw -> Ok. Then Pending

If the transaction is successful, you will see the information

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